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Megaplanets (4.25" to 5" Diameter)

Megaplanets are highly complex, multi-layered worlds, each with a unique arrangement of swirling oceans and continents perhaps spotted with volcanoes, weird flares or explosions, towering cliffs, and inexplicable structures that might house either whole civilizations or isolated bands of space-traveling pioneers. They usually also contain force fields, and multiple spaceships or satellites orbiting above. The larger the piece, the more I can fill it with intriguing detail. (All Megaplanets have a flattened base.)
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Please note: Simpson glass is photographed in strong studio light which reveals the maximum depth and detail of each piece. Color intensity will vary in different lighting situations.

Josh Simpson | Megaplanets
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Please contact us if you are interested in a Planet larger than what is available in the dimensions above. The Planet you select will be wrapped safely in a gift box.