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Josh Simpson | Large Inhabited Planets : Solid glass spheres (they do not have a flat base) measured at 1 7/8" Diameter.

"For my vision to come alive, I give all my planets unique world-like features such as: continents and islands; mountains, beaches and plains; swirling oceans and winding rivers; clouds drifting above and, sometimes, an orbiting spaceship or two. Entwined with these familiar forms are threads of golden light, patterned overlays of unknown purpose, and mysterious bubbles (which might be geo-synchronous communications satellites). Inhabited planets include fantastical buildings, represented by snippets of “cane” that I have formed using ancient Venetian glass techniques (link to demo). Whatever its components, each miniature world lies inside a sparkling clear glass orb that magnifies and reveals the treasures held within. In this way, my planets are just like the cat’s eye marbles that fascinated me as a kid." Stands are sold separately in various heights at additional cost. If you would like to order more than five Large Inhabited Planets, please contact us. The Planets you select will be wrapped safely in a gift box!