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Colorful Iridescent Vases

With most of my work I have to spend a lot of time thinking about how to integrate a complex design and a myriad of colors.
With Iridescent Vases I can play with pure form and hue, and not stress about the other stuff. The iridescence results from exposing the molten interior of the vase to a weak acid. After the acid evaporates in a moment, it leaves behind a rich and permanently etched surface that refracts and reflects the surrounding light.

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Iridescent Vase

11 1/4" Tall

Price: $385.00
Iridescent Vase

12" Tall

Price: $415.00
Iridescent Vase

12 1/2" Tall

Price: $445.00
Iridescent Vase

14" Tall

Price: $550.00

Josh Simpson | Iridescent and Opalescent Vases