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Hyperspace Disks

Hyperspace Disks explore deep space phenomena such as gravitational waves, the warping of space-time, the experience of diving through space faster than the speed of light, or how the immense gravity of a Black Hole might distort the fabric of the universe. These plates invite the imagination to soar outward, past the stars of our own galaxy to the deep midnight universe beyond.

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Please note: Simpson glass is photographed in strong studio light to reveal the maximum depth and detail of each piece. Color intensity may vary in different lighting situations.

Hyperspace Disk Hyperspace Disk

16.5" Diameter

Price: $705.00
Hyperspace Disk Hyperspace Disk

14.75" Diameter

Price: $635.00
Hyperspace Disk Hyperspace Disk

12.75" Diameter

Price: $650.00
Singularity Disk Singularity Disk

16" Diameter

Price: $750.00

Josh Simpson | Hyperspace Platters: The complex new platter series fusing circular plates of cane into the center of his experimental platters.