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Unique Solid Glass Planets

As a kid I was fascinated by marbles and the way colors swirled and twisted inside them. I began making Planets for school children after seeing the photograph of Earth the Apollo Astronauts took on their return from the moon. We've all seen that photo: it made our expansive Earth seem like a precious little blue marble floating in the black void of space! In my glass Planets I try to capture that feeling, and imagine the countless ways other worlds might look, in other solar systems and galaxies.”
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Inhabited Planets ( 1 7/8" diameter ) Otherworlds ( 2 1/4" diameter ) Inhabited Paperweight ( 3" diameter )

Large Inhabited Planets

Otherworld Planets

Inhabited Paperweight 3

Inhabited Paperweight Artist Proofs ( 3" diameter ) Megaplanets ( 3.5" diameter ) Megaplanets ( 4.25" diameter and larger)

Inhabited Paperweight 3

3.5" Megaplanet

Megaplanets 4.25

Miniweights Heart Planets Corona Cat's-Eye Spheres

Megaplanets 4.25

Heart Planets

Corona Cat's-Eye Marbles

Gravitrons Possibly Inhabited Planets Planetoid Collector


Possibly Inhabited Planets

Planetoid Collector

Josh Simpson | Solid Glass Planets: Every Planet is handmade and unique: no two are ever exactly alike in color, size, shape or details!
Stands are available in various heights at additional cost