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Planetoid Collector Possibly, Gravitron and Iridescent Bubble Planets Large Inhabited Planets 1 7/8"
Otherworlds 2 1/4" Inhabited Planet 3" Megaplanets 3.5"
Megaplanets 4.25" - 6.5"

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"When I was a kid I was fascinated by marbles. I loved how the color swirled and twisted within them. I began making planets for kids after looking at the photograph the Apollo Astronauts took on their return from the moon. We've all seen that photo! It made our expansive Earth seem like a precious little blue marble floating in the black void of space. I made planets partly as a way to demonstrate glass making techniques, but also to give kids something more to think about." Each Planet will be gift boxed in our complimentary teal gift box and Serialized: JS and the year. Stands are available in various heights at additional cost.