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Corona Portals

Like Tektite Portals, these solid glass sculptures hold a window that offers a glimpse into an exotic world, either deep space or perhaps deep sea. But in contrast to Tektite Portals, some of these worlds are held within an outer carapace of smoothest black glass, almost as if a Tektite Portal that has been tumbling in ocean currents for eons finally washed ashore. Others, Josh's newest Corona portals, are elegantly encased only in Corona glass, allowing an unobstructed view of the stunning color and pattern variations. Limited in quantity.

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Corona Portal Corona Portal

Approx. 3.5" d.

Price: $425.00

Josh Simpson | Glass Portals: These distinctive new solid glass sculptures feature Corona glass. These sculptures might hold colorful bundles of glass cane and a floating spaceship. The spaceships are either trapped inside forever or flying into another dimension.