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Corona Glass Platters
“The composition of Corona glass derives from ancient and cryptic glass formulas. I’m still working on understanding the chemistry and behavior of this quirky glass; as of now, the final appearance of my Corona pieces is impossible to predict. Perhaps someday I’ll master this material… or maybe I won’t. But the process of experimenting is producing some really beautiful glass! Large platters are really the best place to see the amazing swirling patterns. ”
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Please note: Simpson glass is photographed in strong studio light which reveals the maximum depth and detail of each piece. Color intensity will vary in different lighting situations.

Vintage Corona Platter Vintage Corona Platter

9" Diameter

Price: $450.00
Corona Platter Corona Platter

16.5" Diameter

Price: $585.00
Corona Platter Corona Platter

16.25" Diameter

Price: $685.00

Josh Simpson | Corona Glass Platters