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Corona Bowl
Price: 260.00
Corona Bowl
Price: 430.00
Corona Bowl
Price: 445.00
Corona Bowl
Price: 455.00
Josh Simpson | Corona Glass Bowls : The most fascinating and unpredictable material I have ever worked with. I’ve been trying to understand this glass for more than thirty years, but I still don’t know for sure how any given piece will turn out. When everything goes well, the final appearance can be just gorgeous, like a splash of liquid fire, an eddy of swirling melted light or an exploding galaxy. When things go badly, the result can be downright awful.

Some people speculate that I was inspired to invent this glass after seeing photos of nebulae, planets, stars and distant galaxies taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. However, while my Corona Glass does sometimes resemble those spectacular images, the truth about its creation is a bit more complex. It is (like my own life) a story of blind luck, stupid persistence, partially managed chaos, incremental discovery and intermittent, occasionally astonishing, success.