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Blue New Mexico Bowls

New Mexico Bowls
"One of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed was the incredibly pure blue light of Cherenkov radiation emitted from uranium fuel rods glowing within the core of a nuclear reactor. New Mexico glass is as close as I can get to the intense clarity of that radioactive light. The varied patterns also remind me of Hubble photos of great nebulae or swirling, stormy oceans."
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Blue New Mexico Bowl

2 3/4" H x 9 1/2" D

Price: $295.00
Blue New Mexico Bowl

2 7/8" H x 10 3/8" D

Price: $355.00
Blue New Mexico Bowl

3 1/8" H x 10 3/4" D

Price: $360.00
Blue New Mexico Bowl

Dimensions: 3" H x 11 1/2" D

Price: $385.00
The primary colorant in this glass is metallic silver.
A true dichroic glass, it looks peacock blue in reflected light, but purple or even red in transmitted light.