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Corona Detail

Blue New Mexico Platter

"I had never been to New Mexico when I created this glass, but this is how I imagined the night sky would appear. Sometimes the patterning also resembles a stormy ocean, with swirling waters and crashing waves. At other times, I can make it look like a Hubble Space Telescope photo taken of another galaxy. Platters are the best way to show a dramatic expanse of these unique patterns; the bigger the better!"
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Blue New Mexico Platter

15.5" in Diameter

Price: $400.00
Blue New Mexico Platter

17 1/8" Diameter

Price: $525.00
Blue New Mexico Platter

17 13/4" in Diameter

Price: $540.00
Metallic silver is the primary colorant in this glass.
A true dichroic glass, in reflected light it looks peacock blue, but in transmitted light it will often appear dark purple or even red.